About Silwana Brokerage

  • Ideally located in the heart of Dubai, Silwana Brokerage was founded in 2018 to create a state-of-the-art automated trading platform. Our company provides investors with secure access to several financial markets and the possibility to trade on a 24/5 basis.
  • Silwana Brokerage provides trading services and facilities to all kinds of clients, whether companies or individuals. We offer the most secure and user-friendly trading conditions, the expert advice of our consultants, and unrestricted access to our liquidity.
  • Silwana Brokerage guarantees the highest level of online trading, specially tailored to meet the needs of local investors in the United Arab Emirates. We are part of the Silwana Diamond Group. Owned and based in Dubai, the Group is also present in Egypt, Sudan, Malaysia, Ivory Coast, India, and Jordan, where its market experts offer the best services in wealth and asset management, capital market, and trading.

Message from Chairman

Silwana Brokerage believes in scaling its clients’ potential towards success. This is emphasized by the Chairman, Mr. Feras Mohammed Abed Abu-Hdaib’s commitment to its shareholders and investors for the firm belief in attaining higher satisfaction of clients on their trading with us. The company embraces teamwork in evaluating the financial markets trends. Besides, the company balances its risk-taking endeavors to pursue individual and professional goals. This is meant to ensure that it can grow its product and service portfolio consistently. Even with remarkable success, the company has continued to perform at the highest levels by being dynamic in its approach to the markets it operates in. Moreover, Silwana Brokerage as a part of Silwana Diamond Group continues to leverage its over 12 years of experience in multiple industry sectors such as food and agriculture, real estate, technology, and multilevel marketing to remain at the top. It also believes in the mantra of “we grow all together” with a view of encouraging different companies to invest with it. Part of its successful strategy is because all its operations are innovative, transparent and secure.

Feras Abu Hdaib

Further, the corporation has established different alliances with investors and stakeholders. This has enabled it to continue with its enormous growth that is also driven by technology. While providing the best trading platform to our clients, MetaTrader 5. As such, the company welcomes traders, shareholders, individual and corporate clients, Introducing Brokers to join us and move towards success together.

Feras Abu Hdaib
Chairman of Silwana Brokerage
NAME Initital deposit
Apple Inc CFD 10%
Alibaba CFD 10%
Facebook CFD 10%

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  • Silwana Diamond Group

    Silwana Diamond Group was established in 2011 in Cairo and has since then developed several successful investments, strategic partnerships, and companies.

  • Silwana Diamond Developers

    Silwana Diamond Developers has an attractive real estate portfolio and luxury star works within the Travel and Tourism industry.

  • Silwana Diamond Food Stuff Trading

    Silwana Diamond Food Stuff Trading L.L.C has established a factory in Dubai with three separate production lines.

  • Silwana Diamond Generator

    Silwana Diamond Generator Technology produces diesel generators.

  • Silwana Diamond Solar Technology

    Silwana Diamond Solar Technology is the first producer in the UAE of solar modules based on European technology and quality.

  • Silwana Diamond Inverter Technology

    Silwana Diamond Inverter Technology produces leading central PV inverters under the German technology leader brand LTI Re-Energy.

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