With Silwana Brokerage, you can trade in a huge range of markets. With 24/5 support available across major forex, CFD, Silwana Brokerage bridges time zones across the globe.

Invest in the brands YOU love

Whether you’re a tech genius, a fashion fanatic or a brewery buff, why not invest in the companies that interest you? With over 1,000 stocks and shares to invest in, it’s easy to invest in the brands that you know and love.

What Markets Can I Trade On?

Through Silwana Brokerage you can trade on all the most popular markets. Forex currency pairs, indices, precious metals, oil, cryptocurrencies and shares are all ready to trade on your MT5 platform.


Trade the world's largest financial market. Including all the forex major currency pairs as well as popular minor and exotic pairs.


Speculate on popular commodity markets including precious metals.


Speculate on popular energies including oils.


Take both long and short positions on popular major global indices.


Trade global company shares without paying a commission. Take a CFD position on stocks like Apple, Amazon and more.

Start trading in 4 easy steps

The most simplified trading account opening system in the market.
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    Register on the website

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    Verify your account

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    Choose your MT5 Trading Account

  • 4

    Deposit and Trade!